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Differences Between Residential and Commercial Painting

If you’ve been looking for painting contractors in your area, you might get confused about why most advertise they’re capable of working on residential and commercial projects. After all, don’t both revolve around painting? Although this is true, each category has different processes. 

The painting industry distinguishes between residential and commercial for many reasons, and here are some of them:

Amount of Painters Needed

Vast spaces need more painters to ensure the job gets done on time. Painting company Bethel, CT, takes on painting projects for apartment complexes, restaurants, and other commercial areas. And since these firms employ many painters, they’ll be able to work within your schedule without issues. 

Meanwhile, residential painting companies usually only have a few employees since they don’t need as many to tackle their projects. And there’s no need to send five painters if the client only needs a few bedrooms repainted at their home. So, they often finish quicker than commercial interior painting. After all, there’s less work involved!

Amount of Paint Needed

Expansive commercial areas need a lot of paint. That’s why painting contractors may use various tools and equipment for these projects. And with that, of course, also comes a lot of paint! So, it’s easy to see why painting larger spaces cost more. You’ll need to pay for the paint and labor costs. But, residential and commercial painting contractors should provide reasonable estimates based on the space’s surface area.

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Materials and Equipment

Most residential painters focus on more intimate residential projects. As a result, these companies’ materials and equipment aren’t too far from the paint supplies you likely have at home or buy yourself. These include paint rollers, trays, rollers, paintbrushes, etc. 

Meanwhile, commercial painting contractors require more tools and paint alongside a broader experience in painting different surfaces like wood, metal, marble, or concrete. So, commercial painters may use more complex equipment like a pressure washer, a sandblaster, a paint sprayer, scaffolding, or aerial lifts. Aside from that, they also require more expertise in using these items alongside industrial-grade paint, primer, tint, or other specialty coatings.

Painters' Experience

Commercial painting contractors often have more experience than residential painters. After all, any beginner can repaint their bedrooms, bathroom, or kitchens. But it takes an experienced and skilled painter to paint entire warehouses and other industrial structures. So, business owners looking to have their facilities repainted should find a contractor with ample experience in painting interior commercial spaces.

Meanwhile, residential painting contractors boast tons of experience communicating with homeowners and are often knowledgeable in protecting their valuables during painting. For this reason, most of these painters are uniquely qualified to work in your home.

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Schedule Availability

Commercial painting projects depend on the schedule of business owners and operations. So, scheduling can be pretty challenging for companies as most prefer staying open for their customers as their facilities undergo renovations. But some industrial building owners ask painters to work around these hiccups and do their best not to interfere with their regular working hours. The best commercial painters are often ready to adapt to the business owner’s schedule and let them paint the structures without disturbing the normal flow of business.

Meanwhile, in the case of residential painting, painting contractors often work during the weekdays. And typically, they take up eight hours a day. Still, scheduling depends on the client. For instance, if a homeowner wants to have the painting project end ASAP, some painting contractors may offer to work at night or on the weekends.

Range of Services

A painting company that offers residential interior painting services won’t be able to provide the same range of services as commercial painting firms. After all, most commercial painting contractors can provide other services than painting, such as epoxy flooring installation, faux finishing, or sandblasting.

So, if you’re remodeling your business, it only makes sense to have everything done in one take. That’s why most business owners often take advantage of these services.

Exterior House Painters of Bethel Offers Both Types of Painting

Many painting contractors offer either residential or commercial painting services, while others provide both. Whether you’re doing a simple painting job for your house or a large-scale project for your business, hiring a painting contractor in Bethel, CT, is ideal. Exterior House Painters of Bethel is eager and ready to transform your space. 

We have the proper equipment, machinery, and workforce to handle all painting projects regardless of scale. For over 20 years, the Exterior House Painters of Bethel have given professional residential and commercial painting services to homeowners and business owners in the Bethel area. Give us a call today to start your paint project.

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